Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Asia

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Real estate investment opportunities on the Asian continent have been flourishing during the recent years. The market has been developing at a rapid pace and the types of opportunities increased exponentially, now ranging from industrial and office buildings to residential projects and holiday accommodation. Depending on the real estate sector you want to put your money in, the investment opportunities in Asia are varied and numerous. Here are the best of them, according to this industry’s top specialists:

Investing in China’s Industrial Projects

The boom of the Chinese industry has triggered an unprecedented development of the country’s real estate market, especially in secondary cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. This reflects another economic trend – the shift of manufacturing centers. If until now the main production centers were located in the coastal cities for ease of transportation, now the Chinese tend to move the production inland to benefit from cheaper workforce. Western real estate investors as well as the local ones focus mainly on industrial projects, but the Chinese residential sector started to blossom as well, especially in the big cities, despite the restrictions imposed by the government during the last two years.

Investing in Koh Samui Condominiums

Benefiting from a favorable location in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui  has been making the subject of profitable investment opportunities. The island’s popularity with tourists has been constantly increasing during the last year and this triggered a booming development of the real estate businesses in the area. Koh Samui condos represent a popular form of accommodation with various types of travelers attracted by great attractions the island has to offer:  golden beaches, historical landmarks, imposing temples, picturesque fishermen villages, trips to Ang Thong Marine National or to Khao Pom tropical jungle mountain located nearby.

Office Building Complexes in India and Japan

A few years ago Manila was a booming center for the residential real estate sector. Now it is time for office building complexes to be erected here and a considerable number of foreign investors have their eyes set on this market. Another city with promising real estate investment opportunities is Jakarta. The Japanese city of Osaka represents an emerging trend and a great investment idea for those who want to set their foot in the market before the prices skyrocket. Although the office buildings sector is not at its beginnings in Osaka, the potential for future development is immense.

Hotels and other types of vacation accommodation in Tokyo

Tokyo has always been a popular destination, and the flows of tourists never seem to stop. Moreover, today’s travelers have more sophisticated taste and they are very demanding when it comes to vacation accommodation. These trends combined led to a booming development of this real estate market sector in Tokyo. Another great center for hotels and other types of vacation accommodation is Thailand. The influx of Western tourists created a need for hotels, hostels, holiday villas, apartment complexes, beach cottages and condos all over the country.

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