Property Management Services

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Our Property Management and offer comes to revitalize the existent market. In a world that is ever-changing, where technology and the dynamic, sometimes unpredictable, marketplace are in constant change quality and relevant services are a must. This is why we consider most of the current offer employs outdated habits that in the end will lead to smaller profits a a less impressive experience for both investors and tenants.

Our interactive method of doing business coupled with a long list of professionals and an impeccable work ethic that mixes the best customer care in the field, complete accountability and a transparent and effective process makes us one of the leading companies on the market today.

Any business relationship is first based on trust. Whether it involves tenants, owners or investors a strong relationship that is based on creating the right environment for trust. This is why we work around the clock to assure each client that their decision to do business with us is and will remain a good idea. The constant and consistent publishing of data and reports that show the situation of your account and general data about how well the company is doing and generating profit for its clients is the best way to earn trust. By keeping you, the client, constantly informed of how your investment is doing we are laying the groundwork for a long, profitable and professional relationship based on trust.

We aim to provide a long list of management services that will help even the most uncommon client feel safe. This includes monthly phone calls to all our investors, access to accounting books via the internet and strong customer service where a well trained staff can deal with any question or problem our clients might have.

Other services include 24/7 access to accounts, direct deposit for owners and credit card acceptance for Tenants, reduced deferred maintenance costs and timely rent increases as the real-estate market changes over time.

Another key aspect in our service is that we provide free financial education to all our tenants in order to help them better understand the market, how they spend their money and to construct a better business relationship with them.

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